Sorry, the " " website has been taken down indefinitely by the site's administrator. It has been determined that Famous Benny Chaplin Walk-A-Thon Inc. is not approved by the IRS. Because of this, there are legal consequences if this so-called non-profit corporation and its head, Alec Mario Waclawski , a.k.a. Famous Benny Chaplin , continue to operate and solicit donations. However, a couple of recent photos have been posted below. If you feel you have been taken by this individual, the Federal Trade Commission would like to know about it. Please follow the link below to their webpage the bottom of which shows instructions on how to file a complaint:

Furthermore, Mr. Waclawski is currently being sued by Warner Brothers for violating music copyright laws. He ought to be told to go back to California immediately to face trial! The following link will display the lawsuit filed at the California Supreme Court. I would not put my trust in a charity headed by a man in legal trouble.

The following link will display the report filed with the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center:

The following links will display the reports filed with the Internal Revenue Service:

Benny Chaplin At The Golden Spur Saloon in Magdalena, New Mexico

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Marie Brockway said...

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Date: Jun 6, 2007 9:01 AM
Subject: Re: A Nonprofit's Claim To Be With The ACS
To: Marie Brockway

Thanks for your additional information Ms. Brockway. Our staff attorney,
Jared Goldin, is drafting a letter to send to Mr. Waclawski concerning the
issue of using the American Cancer Society's name in any fund raising
activities without prior approval and consent.

We appreciate your interest in protecting the public from potentially
unethical or inappropriate fund raising practices. Should you wish to have
a copy of the letter fro your files, please let me know where it can me


Stephen Browning

Stephen Browning, Regional Vice-President
The American Cancer Society
Border Sierra Region
California Division, Inc.

619-682-7451 (San Diego)
951-300-1216 (Riverside)
760-346-7770 (Palm Desert)
619-889-0502 (Cellular)

619-299-5935 (FAX - San Diego)
951-320-2349 (FAX - Riverside)

Notice: This e-mail message may contain privileged and confidential
information. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified
that any reading, dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail
message is strictly prohibited. Please notify the sender that you have
received this communication in error and delete the copy you received.

"Marie Brockway"
06/05/2007 9:24 PM
Subject A Nonprofit's Claim To Be With The ACS

Hi Stephen,
please click on this link which will take you to the article I was talking
about. When viewing the article, search for "American Cancer Society".

The owner of the cafe, Mario Waclawski, is traveling at this time, going
from state to state pitching his claim to be soliciting contributions for
cancer research. I reported him to the IRS and FBI. There were other
instances wherein he claimed to be doing this for the ACS.
I developed and maintained his website at one time but disassociated myself
from him and took down the website ever since I found out he is not
approved as a nonprofit with the IRS. I filed a report with the department
of the FBI in charge of internet crimes and I attached a copy for you to
look at. On this report are names of victims and/or witnesses. I doubt
you nor the ACS would want to have anything to do with him after reading
this report. By the way, I am in contact with a local/San Diego FBI agent
about this man. The agent's name is Jim Verdi and he's handling the case.
Recently, I stumbled into another brand new website of his being maintained
by another individual and hosting company ... I tried
to make them take it down but they have been ignoring my pleas. I suspect
they are being influenced by this man and/or his current associate(s). I
have reported this to the FBI as well. Please let me know if you need any
further information.
Thank you,